Steven Davis

Danetta Evans

Lisa Headrick

Kevin King

Averil Loague

Cody McMillan

Brock Parker

Jeremy Riley*

Greg Sharpe

Lyra Stephens

Donna Wolfinger



Hannah Bennett

LeRoy Broaden

Averil Loague

Lisa Headrick

Kevin King

Liz Quin

JoAnne Hamilton

Elizabeth Perry

Donna Wolfinger




Kathryn Bell

Jordan Butts

Kalie Chambless

Jordan Clayton

Ian Dolan

Heaven Escaravage

Caleb Griffin

LaCoria Ivey

Sunshine Jackson

Kevin King

Taikhari McCants

Meaghan McGough

Lena Lin

Maria Nunez

Prital Patel

Jeremy Riley*

Naim Abdus-Salaam

Tiiwon Siaway

Corey Spearman

Christopher Thomas

Clarence G. Wilson III


Nathaniel Allen

Michelle Browder

Trevette Scott Brown

Shawna J. Covington

Ian Dolan

Sydney Foster

LaCoria Shanell Ivey

Aleena Regine Jackson

Sunshine Jackson

Bobae Kim

Kevin King

Averil Loague

Bobby Mills


Jeremy Riley*

Shawanda C. Dunning-Ross

Corey Spearman

Joanne Staley

Faye A Sweeney

Candace J Welch




On a Break...



CM Addams

Nathaniel Allen

Shannon Anderson

Stef Bernal-Martinez

LaCoria IV Arts Brown

V. Cook

DaƱetta Evans

R Keith Farrar

Sydney A. Foster

Art By Kevin King

Joanne G. Hamilton

Tori Nicole Jackson

Kendra J. Jones

Tim Lennox

Milton Madison


Shawanda C. STAR Peaces

LyAnne Peacock


Ashley Rose Redic

R.A. Sabo


Kevin Spotswood

Mary Joanne Spotswood

Joanne Staley

Faye A. Sweeney




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Artists on Tap gives artists throughout the River Region a means to share their original creativity and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, while giving young professionals a venue to connect and have access to the works of up and coming artists in the community.